December 21, 2014

Fix Toolbar Synaptic In Freya

Synaptic is a graphical front-end to apt, the package management system in Ubuntu, Debian and elementary OS.
You can install, remove, configure, or upgrade software packages, browse, sort and search the list of available software packages, manage repositories, or upgrade the whole system.
It's my favorite application for package management.
To install open a Terminal and type :

sudo apt-get install synaptic

Unfortunately it looks a bit ugly :

There is however an easy fix :

Right click Files in Plank and choose New Window As Administrator.

Navigate to /usr/share/themes and copy the folder elementary.
Then go to /root and create new folder .themes ( mind the dot ! ).
Paste the folder elementary inside the folder .themes.

Now we need to edit the file gtk-widgets.css in /root/.themes/elementary/gtk-3.0.

Search for Toolbars in Scratch and add GtkHandleBox, like so :

Restart Synaptic Package Manager....

Need a better icon ? Download here.