January 2, 2014

Replacing Pantheon-Terminal With Gnome-Terminal

I prefer gnome-terminal so I installed it and removed pantheon-terminal :

sudo apt-get install gnome-terminal 
sudo apt-get purge pantheon-terminal

You can also use Software Center for these actions.

After installation gnome-terminal did not appear in slingshot-launcher....

Open a New Window As Administrator :

Navigate to /usr/share/applications and rightclick Terminal and open with Scratch :

Remove the two lines starting with OnlyShowIn ( or comment them with a # sign, the symbol # signifies a comment to be ignored when it is the first character on a line ).

To add the option Gnome-Terminal Here in the right click menu in Files :

Open a New Window As Administrator as done above and navigate to /usr/share/contractor and Create New File ( name it gnome-terminal.contract ), containing the following lines :

[Contractor Entry]
Name=Gnome-Terminal Here
Description=Open in a terminal
Exec=gnome-terminal --working-directory=%u

To make the menu in gnome-terminal invisible we need to install gconf-editor :
sudo apt-get install gconf-editor

Applications > Configuration Editor > apps > gnome-terminal >profiles > Default > uncheck default_show_menubar

To make the menu visible temporarily just press F10.



  1. Thanks, this was handy. Pantheon terminal is too buggy!

  2. Thank you for this. These instructions work for Elementary OS Freya. Commenting out the two lines "OnlyShowIn" enables the "Show in dock" option for gnome-terminal, and allows it to show up in "Applications".

  3. Thanks, I can change terminal profile now. :)

  4. Thanks for the tip but now I can't launch the terminal using the shortcut nor changing the shortcut is any help. How can I use shortcut to launch the new gnome-terminal?

    1. I tried this and I have the same problem as well, logging out and in did not help. I suppose you must modify a file that used to launch pantheon-terminal to now launch gnome-terminal