February 3, 2014

Elementary OS Tweakers, A New Google+ Community

For anything that's not supported by the official and stable elementary OS.....

Be careful....link to Google+ page.


  1. This is a great idea to separate, I'm only noticing it now. I get the concept but does that mean the original G+ Elementary site is only dealing with "stable" related conversations.

  2. To be honest I don' t know who' s idea it was to make this separation. The concept is to use the original Google + page for all the questions concerning the stable release Luna. Everything else should be redirected to Elementary OS Tweakers.

  3. Very innovative as it allows those who want to push the barriers the freedom to do so without getting slated by the developers and without corrupting the minds of the new user by leading them down a path they might not want to go.

    1. Yes, well said. I just stick to the stable release and don't mess with daily ppa or other unstable ppa's. So far, so good.