May 10, 2014

Download Iso With Upgraded Kernel

The iso downloaded from the main site ships with kernel 3.2.0-51-generic as can be seen in the picture below when running the command uname -r in terminal :

You might have problems booting and installing elementary OS with newer hardware. In this case you can download an upgraded iso with a newer kernel from this page : .

Choose elementaryos-unstable-amd64.20140331.iso or elementaryos-unstable-i386.20140331.iso according to your architecture ( unstable here just means updated ).
Kernel version :  3.11.0-19-generic ( date : 2014-04-01 ).

Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS ( Long Time Support ).  In order to support a wider variety of hardware Ubuntu releases so called Point Releases ( 12.0.4.x ) with an updated kernel, X.Org-Stack and Mesa ( see : LTS Enablement Stacks ). Latest version is

In case you run elementary OS with kernel 3.2 successfully and think about upgrading to a newer kernel, you should read this article first :


  1. this is not Isis, but a user build iso of gnome and the daily ppa.
    Be careful with the information you publish.

    1. Did I say somewhere this is about Isis ? It is just Luna with an upgraded kernel.