December 8, 2013

Hiding Applications Slingshot-Launcher

Open Terminal and navigate to /usr/share/applications :
cd /usr/share/applications

E.g. I wanted to remove the icon Archive Manager from slingshot :

sudo nano file-roller.desktop

Add a line NoDisplay=true

Hit Ctrl+O , Enter and then Ctrl+X


  1. I know this post is long after original, but I stumbled across this just now because I was looking for this exact solution, though preferably not in this method. For Elementary OS to truly be an elegant system, that is accessible to the broadest user base, one should be able to do this (hide application icons from Slingshot Launcher) without resorting to Terminal. For example, I installed the Ktouch typing program, which installed some other KDE elements (Nepomuk Backup and File Indexing Controller), which are non-functional on their own, but are now cluttering up Slingshot. As a newbie or timid Linux user, i.e. my parents, I should be able to right-click and hide them.